Gloucestershire Blinds with UK Blinds Direct

Gloucestershire Blinds offers a service based on quality, style and value for money in Gloucestershire and south Worcestershire.

I have been providing home consultation services since 2002 and we have fitted over 10,000 blinds.

I enjoy the challenge each new project brings and I am very confident as I have a major manufacturer backing us with a reliable service and innovative new products.

The Ken White business has grown rapidly as I normally receive at least two referrals from each client which reflects the quality of our service and also the quality and value of UK Blinds Directís products.

I am also recommended by conservatory companies:

We provide a no obligation quote so our customers are not put under any pressure. I prefer to give them the opportunity to think about our service and compare it with our competitors as I am confident we have the best products, service and also offer the best value for money.

We have a number of commercial customers based at the:

On several occasions when working in commercial premises employees have invited me to their homes to supply them with advice and to order blinds.

Many residential landlords and letting agents use our services particularly for new build projects.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule your home consultation.